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Joseph André Motte 1969

Joseph Andre Motte

Joseph André Motte (1925–2013)

J. A. Motte was a member of the young generation of French designers that emerged immediately following World War II and included Pierre Guariche, Michel Mortier, René Jean Caillette, Alain Richard, Pierre Paulin, Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq, among others. Having trained in Marcel Gascoin’s workshop, Motte soon rose to the top of this new “school” of French design whose mission was to refurnish French homes in a resolutely contemporary style. His prolific work used all the new materials that industry made available, and he was a pioneer in many areas. His brilliant career was marked by prestigious commissions (including the Orly and Roissy airports, the Musée du Louvre, and the Préfecture du Val d’Oise), and recognition with the most distinguished honors of his era.

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June 2011
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J.A Motte Monography
Les Decorateurs des Annees 50 by Patrick Favardin
Pierre Perrigault: L'architecte du mobilier 1950-2000 by Diane Saunier
September 2000