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Sheila Hicks "Apprentissages" Multi-site Solo Exhibition. Part One

Photo: Cristobal Zañartu


This new work takes the form of a series of appearances, each linked in its own intimate way to Parisian geography.

First off is the Musée Carnavelet, in which the universe of Sheila Hicks enters into a dialogue with the eclectic architecture of this museum dedicated to the history of Paris, notably in the Hôtel Carnavalet gallery, on the garden side, overlooking the Cour des Marchands-Drapiers. Secondly, the public will be given the opportunity to discover, in the course of various urban promenades, an ensemble of window spaces inhabited by the characteristic gestures of her chromatic, pictorial and textile-based vocabulary. Lastly, within the huge expanses of the construction workshop at the Nanterre-Amandiers theatre, specially opened to the public for the occasion, the artist will be re-exhibiting, in the midst of this resolutely modern architecture, her previously exhibited works.

Apprentissages seeks to be a journey of “initiation” of an open nature, in which the encounter with art and matter enriches the shared experience, of our bodies, and our memory, that of the artist and of each of us alike.

Musée Carnavalet - Histoire de Paris: September 13 - October 10, 2016
Vitrines Parisiennes: from October 14, 2016
Nanterre-Amandiers: December 9-17, 2016

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