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Sheila Hicks "Lignes de vie"

Sheila Hicks, Lianes de Beauvais, 2011-2012
Courtesy of Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is to devote a solo exhibition to Sheila Hicks, an American artist based in Paris since the mid-1960s. Looking back at Hicks’ career from 1957 to the present day, 145 works will be displayed in Galerie 3, overlooking the city of Paris. The exhibition invites the public to discover the various expressions of an art that uses cotton, wool, linen and silk to enrich our perceptions of colour, material and space.

"Sheila Hicks. Lignes de vie [Life Lines]" casts a new light on the artist’s work that has been reviewed over the past years. Some twenty pieces have now joined the Centre Pompidou’s collection thanks to a major donation to the Musée National d’Art Moderne. The exhibition’s fluid and non-chronological circuit is structured around a formal and chromatic dialogue between the artworks and the space.

Alongside sculptures - some of them are monumental - the exhibition includes more than a hundred of Minimes : small, A4-sized woven pieces or compositions, forming a sort of laboratory for her entire work, and expressing her enthusiastic creativity.

Curator: Mnam / Bcc, Michel Gauthier

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