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Sheila Hicks "Voyage d'hiver"

Photo from the artist's website

Colonnade Grove at the Château de Versaille

For this 10th edition, the Château de Versailles changes the format of its contemporary art exhibition. Voyage d’hiver takes root in the Château’s groves, welcoming numerous artists to dialogue with Versailles’ ever-transforming light: solar or otherwise. This season of contemporary creation will, with each passing day, reveal these “salons of greenery”, in the steadfastness of their (sometimes overlooked) beauty.

Voyage d’hiver is a vehicle to take visitors down a path to replenish their emotions—for the first step of every journey begins from within. For us, wandering the grounds, strolling in the gardens, or roaming through the apartments are means of renewing our vision of the estate, superseding our fading memories and dreams.

The journey continues with Visiteurs de Versailles, 1682-1789, an exhibition at the Château that opens on the same day. Keeping with the tradition of grand exhibitions on courtly life, Visiteurs de Versailles, 1682-1789 presents a wide variety of anecdotes—from the most banal to the most delicious—testifying how all who came to Versailles did so to find inspiration, feed their curiosity, and wield social connections and influences.

In short, a way to vigorously assert that creation cannot conflict with heritage—all the less so at Versailles.

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