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The New York Times

The textile artist Sheila Hicks will wrap vibrant fibers around flexible aluminum pipes that will be installed on the High Line in Manhattan. 
Credit: Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

The Artist Sheila Hicks Will Spin Her Threads on the High Line

“You feel like you could lift up from the gravity of Manhattan,” said the artist Sheila Hicks, responding to the open vista and ballet of cranes at the northern end of the High Line where the elevated park wraps around the future Hudson Yards. There, along the curve of the old train tracks, Ms. Hicks, 83, will install more than 650 feet of riotously costumed tubing that twists, twirls and somersaults in the self-seeded landscape.

The work, “Hop, Skip, Jump and Fly: Escape From Gravity,” to be completed by the end of May, is her first major outdoor public art commission in the United States. It will be on display through next March.

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