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Suzanne Demisch photographed in her New York home. 
Photo: Clement Pascal for WSJ. Magazine.


Suzanne Demisch, one half of the dynamic duo behind Demisch Danant, stands at the forefront of the design market, specializing in finding unique and collectible vintage objects for their A-list clientele.

“Suzanne and Stephane have a passion for the works they represent and design in general,” says arts patron Dasha Zhukova, an interiors client and the founder of Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. “The storytelling adds context and dimension. The collaboration between us is also an important part of their process, making for a more meaningful collection.” With their guidance, she has acquired pieces by French designers Maria Pergay and Jacqueline Lecoq, as well as decorative artist and furniture designer René-Jean Caillette. 

Demisch Danant’s airy new location has a domestic vibe that makes it easier for collectors to appreciate, say, a César Expansion table or a Pierre Paulin Élysée chair. “We like presenting in a living environment if possible,” says Demisch. So much about a designer or movement “can be understood through mood and atmosphere,” adds Danant. Architect Rafael de Cárdenas, who has created boutiques for Cartier, Nike and Delfina Delettrez, helped find the space, formerly the Italian bookstore and de facto cultural institution S.F. Vanni. He raised the ceiling and created a travertine-floored space that can be subdivided, allowing for a white-box gallery or more intimate settings.

“They are so unlike most dealers,” says de Cárdenas, who met the pair when buying pieces for clients. “They don’t have something for everyone.”

By Jen Renzi

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