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The Year Ahead

Photography by Pamela Hanson

Demisch Danant has a long-standing commitment to the promotion of French post-war design, and the scholarship behind it. We are discoverers and storytellers, making comprehensive exhibitions of a designer’s career or a certain chapter in French design, often times fresh and unknown. But at times, the essence or importance of a particular work may be obscured by this larger narrative or setting. This year we want to tell the story of the works themselves and why they are important to us. It may be that the work is a turning point for the designer’s career, represents new innovation in technology and material  - or is just a beautiful object.

This January, we present Masterworks, highlighting six important works by César, Maria Pergay and Joseph-André Motte - all of whom were working in different creative scenes in 1960s and 70s Paris, but experiencing the same idealistic energy of the period. In the following months we will introduce pieces in the gallery on a continual basis, in addition to micro-presentations, to interact in unexpected ways and to draw attention to each piece’s own narrative and beauty - to be seen, stimulate and be desired. 

To contextualize the artists and designers we represent, we are designing a series of maps to explain how these figures related to one another in post-war France until the 1970s.

In keeping with this theme, we will also present a series of global exhibitions dedicated to Maria Pergay’s work from the last decade, including pieces that have never been exhibited. In February, Demisch Danant will start this series at NOMAD at Chesa Planta, a historical mansion in St. Moritz.

In addition, Demisch Danant’s made in France program will expand to our website, providing a continual source for archival images of interiors, exhibitions, graphics, behind-the-scenes, and all things related to the important period of the French 1950s through 1970s.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for our program and looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

Please check the website regularly for updates.


Suzanne and Stephane

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