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Linen wall hanging with shag like tufting by Sheila Hicks


Sheila Hicks
Untitled, c. 1968-69
88.25 H x 63.25 inches
224.2 H x 160.7 cm

From the collection of Maggie Brenner purchased from the artist by the current owner in 1968


In 1968, Sheila Hicks worked alongside Catalan Industrial Designer Jaume Xifra and French artist Pierre-Jean de Béranger to found Taller Artesanal Huaquen, an artisanal workshop near Valparaiso, Chile. At a time when an extreme regional drought threatened the local economy, Hicks sought to create a cooperative to provide jobs for local sheepherding families. Using local techniques and materials, the works reflect Hicks' interest in art from a sociological standpoint and aim to highlight the lives of artisans, cultural traditions, and labor. This work is one of the original pieces made at the artisan workshop in Chile in the late 1960s.

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