Selected Works


Sheila Hicks: Line by Line, Step by Step
April 29 – June 8, 2019
artist present Monday, April 29, 6-8 pm


Voir, c’est comprendre, juger, transformer, imaginer, oublier ou s’oublier, être ou disparaître.*

Sheila Hicks: Line by Line, Step by Step presents nineteen ‘minimes’ or small works of sixty years of her intimate practice. The installation reveals that the minimes inform Hicks’ journeys, discoveries, revelations, and her sense of place. As a personal archive, each work unveils hidden meanings and invites the viewer into a labyrinth of discovery.

Visual queries, interrogations, observation. They raise doubts and examine uncertainties. They are my laboratory and my library. - Sheila Hicks

* From Paul Éluard's poem in Donner à voir (1939) that inspired the exhibition title of “George Henri Rivière: Voir, c’est comprendre” (Mucem, 2018-2019.)


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