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Conference room designed by Joseph-André Motte with large oval table, chairs, credenza, and shag carpet

Archival image. 

Archival photo of Joseph-André Motte's apartment with seating area, a low table with various objects, and large bookcase spanning the wall behindbehind

Motte's apartment, Paris, 1960
Shown in this photo: canape for Charron, 1960; Tripod chair for Rougier, 1948; J13 opaline lamp for Disderot, 1958.

Archival ad for Joseph-André Motte's Rigel Lounge chair with all its heights and variations

Archival image: Rigel Chairs, 1965

Archival photo of a large space with various seating areas featuring pieces by Joseph-André Motte

Archival image: Model 770 Chairs, 1958.

Office featuring a wooden desk with glass legs, a three seater couch, two ancillary chairs, and wood paneled curved wall.

Archival image.

Archival image of an auditorium with Joseph-André Motte white upholstered chairs

Archival image. 

Archival photo of a low upholstered seating ground with a metal coffee table in the foreground and a metal and wood desk with upholstered seats in the background

Archival image. 

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