Selected Works

Jacques Dumond: Public/ Private Commissions

Jacques Dumond

Design Miami/Basel 2017
June 13-18, 2017
Booth G11

About Jacques Dumond

Jacques Dumond is a leader of the French modernist movement—exem­plifying minimalism, functionalism, and a reductive approach towards ornamentation. Dumond served as a liaison between an older movement of traditional interior designers and those exploring new materials and tech­nologies, his legacy articulated as the missing link between the two. Work­ing often for private clients, Dumond's deep knowledge of fine craftsman­ship, elegant understanding of color and proportion, and experimentation with material are signature elements of his originality.

Dumond joined the Union des Artistes Modernes in 1945, and was com­missioned for other substantial projects including interiors for the French Embassy in Saarbrücken, Germany, 1954 and Maison de la Radio, Paris, 1962. In 1961, Dumond designed the "Salon Saint-Tropez," in conjunction with his former student, Philippe Leloup. This space was the largest pub­lic lounge aboard the SS France cruise liner, the international symbol of French luxury.

Dumond influenced an entire post-war generation of designers with his vision of modernity and emphasis on experimentation with material. Dumond promoted the idea that "new materials + new techniques = new forms," a philosophy expressed through his experimentation with Formica, rattan, glass, and steel. Dumond impacted the following generation of de­signers with his enthusiasm for modernism and his collaborative approach to design.

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