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Selected Works

In the Room | Summer Part I Banner featuring low upholstered sofa and low upholstered armless chair
Gilbert Poillerat sofa, Geneviève Dangles and Christian Defrance's  low chair, and Maria Pergay's metal low table
Gilbert Poillerat sofa, Geneviève Dangles and Christian Defrance's  low chair, Maria Pergay's metal low table and shell shaped Nautilus Lamp
Low wooden chair with metal base by Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol
Low lit Étienne Fermigier desk with Joseph-André Motte's Rigel Chair and Étienne Fermigier F216 Desk Lamp
Francis Jourdain's wooden asymmetric and Stepped Modernist Console with an upholstered wood and rope chair by Colette Gueden, desk light, pencil and ink wall art, and bronze statue by Vassilakis Takisatop
Blue woven wall hanging by Sheila Hicks, 6110 Floor Lamp by Roger Fatus, and Dining Table by Louis Sognot surrounded by dining chairs by Gustave Gautier
Yellow canvas and black bent plywood chair by André Renou & Jean-Pierre Génisset, black enameled metal base wood topped table with Alain Richard orange desk lamp by
Low lit orange metal desk lamp by Alain Richard
Upholstered and wooden armchairs, illuminated coffee table with black metal legs, wooden secretary cabinet, and wooden armoire by Pierre Guariche/ A.R.P. with
Upholstered armchair by Joseph-André Motte, rattan loveseat by Louis Sognot, set of low wooden tables by Pierre Guariche and watercolor and gouache work by Eugène Leroy on wall behind.
Wooden dining table by René-Jean Caillette and metal ceiling lamp by Alain Richard above

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