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Selected Works

DD Mises en Scène1
DD Mises en Scène14
DD Mises en Scène2
DD Mises en Scène6
DD Mises en Scène15
DD Mises en Scène7
DD Mises en Scène16
DD Mises en Scène3
DD Mises en Scène9
DD Mises en Scène17
DD Mises en Scène4
DD Mises en Scène10
DD Mises en Scène11
DD Mises en Scène12
DD Mises en Scène13

Mises en Scène
March 30 – June 5, 2021

On view at Demisch Danant, Mises en Scène presents six interior rotating scenes inspired by period photographs. Each vignette focuses on one or two works, and a documentation panel offers a glimpse of the narrative behind each work. This exhibition aims to translate historical design to a contemporary context. 

A single photo can be the inspiration to investigate a designer and eventually collect their work. Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant started researching French 20th century design in the late 1990s, mainly from period magazines like l’Oeil, and Maison Française:

“Design books were scarce then, and primary sources were not online yet, so when you wanted to study a designer, you had to go to the library. Even then, it was challenging to find a library that had the documents you needed.

We bought magazines at flea markets and combed every page to identify a work we had seen, or new works that we were looking for. If you were lucky, you could find a designer’s archives at an auction sale. We really enjoyed this discovery process and its adventures. Our libraries, in New York and in Paris, are full of archival images and documentation.” -Suzanne Demisch

This dedication to research continues today and remains a cornerstone of the gallery’s approach. At the end of the exhibition, a photo essay will be issued to document the scenes.

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