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Maria Pergay
Secret Cube, 2013
Stainless steel, copper and bronze leaves, LED lighting
20.63 H x 21.75 x 20.88 inches
52.4 H x 55.2 x 53 cm
Edition of 8



HIDDEN TREASURES | Maria Pergay | Secret Cube, 2013

Secret Cube is a perfect example of harmonizing masculine and feminine characteristics in Pergay’s work— strong steel box and a garden inside.

Each leaf was treated individually: hand-cut from brass and copper sheets; hammered, sculpted, and filed to replicate Pergay's sketches; patinated using a secret formula to achieve the deep red tones; and finally positioned one by one on the branches to heighten light reflection.

Pergay drew inspiration from a variety of botanical sources, and the final product is deceptively naturalistic. She has commingled parts of different plant species—exotic flowers, oak leaves, and fern-like fronds—to make a tree unlike anything found in nature.



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