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Selected Works

Narratives | Forms of Abstraction

Forms of Abstraction, the next installment in our ongoing Narratives exhibition series, celebrates the many forms of abstraction in art and design.

Michel Lefevre's tables, with their painterly use of marquetry, exhibit the influence of developments in abstract painting of the 1950s and '60s. Sheila Hicks uses embroidery and color in Blue Gros Point (c. 1990) to create texture and dimensionality. Claude Stahly assembles wool textile fragments in the manner of collage. César’s Petit Plaque No. 1 (1989) corresponds to the sculptor’s gestures in the field of abstraction with experimenting with new materials.

Narratives: Forms of Abstraction coincides and is displayed alongside the exhibition New Forms of French Modernity, on view until October 27, 2018.


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